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Honeywell Thermostat Coverplates

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Author: Admin / Date: Tue, 08/22/2017 - 23:57 / Tags: HVAC

When my thermostat died on me (ok, it didn't actually die, but it lost Z-Wave connectivity which meant I'd have to manually raise/lower the temperature instead of it being automated like it used to be), I started looking for a replacement. The thought of replacing it with the same model seemed easiest. I knew how to use it. My home automation system was already configured to work with the model. Plus, I wouldn't have to worry about whether or not the new thermostat would fill the (unpainted) space on the wall, which could mean a much bigger job, or a wall that doesn't look all that nice. But then I noticed I had purchased it only about 2 years ago, and that doesn't exactly leave a good taste in the mouth. I mean who wants to replace a not-so-cheap thermostat every 2 years?

So I started looking at other connected thermostats. Connected meaning something that would work with my existing home automation system. I found a really cool model, which was also a Honeywell, but it looks much better and feature-packed. However, reading the reviews revealed that it was much small than the model I was replacing. What to do...Do I purchase it, then re-paint the living room? Do I use a small amount of paint to attempt to patch the area, without making it look ridiculous? Behind the thermostat was mostly white paint, with a bit of beige, and my walls are currently blue. Not exactly a great look if any of that shows around the edges of the device.

So what did I do? None of the above. A bit more digging on Amazon, and I found some Honeywell Thermostat Coverplates. Sure, around $15 for two pieces of plastic may seem excessive. But when I compared it to the cost, time, and hassle of patching that area or painting the entire room, suddenly it seemed like a very cheap solution to my problem. With this purchase, I received two different sized coverplates. I thought the larger of the two was what I needed, but it turned out I only needed the smaller coverplate.

You can see just how awful this installation would've looked if I had just mounted the device with no coverplate, and no painting.

However, the coverplates ended up working out great. I used two screws to go through both the thermostat backplate and the coverplate right underneath it (the same two screws I pulled from the old installation, and yes, they're different sizes...don't ask, but they worked fine). ;)

It didn't take long to finish the installation, and I think it turned out great in comparison to the alternatives.



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